Ayana Blount aka The Passion Strategist is a coach, strategist, speaker, author, and innovator. She is known for her engaging speaking style, creative visualization, and strategic planning skills. Her passion for engaging, empowering, and encouraging innovators helps her clients to transcend tough times and see their success. 


Recognized as a thought leader, community advocate, and transformational influencer, Ayana has been sought after by community based and corporate leaders alike. She has successfully planned, hosted, and executed community resource fairs securing dozens of corporate partnerships. These relationships have yielded school supplies, workforce, housing, and utility resources for over 500 families and underprivileged children over the last ten years.

Feeding her passion for encouraging others to greatness has been felt from communities to corporations. Partnering with hospitals and universities in large metropolitan areas, Ayana has facilitated training and development seminars as well as team building workshops for hundreds of employees. Her efforts have led to consistent increases in the areas of employee engagement, employee retention, and employee and client satisfaction metrics. She has also saved her clients a total of five hundred thousand dollars over ten years by increasing retention and decreasing turnover by a combined fifteen percent. 

Ayana is available to connect through coaching, collaboration, consulting, or speaking opportunities.